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“A Winter Day in Hawaii”

This morning we woke up to rain in Kailua Kona!

This might seem like an odd thing to be excited about in Hawaii, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen any rain on our “dry side” of the island. It was so lovely to lie in bed and listen to the rain falling against the roof and through the trees.

Sadly for us, my husband, Eddie, and I had to leave our cozy home to drive down to the southern tip of the island to show a listing of ours to a client in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates. We drove through heavy clouds/fog and rain all the way down and this was a pleasant change from our normal sunny and 80 to 85 degree weather. I actually had to turn on the heat and the heated seat in the car!

On our way back from the showing, we stopped for lunch at The Mehina Cafe in the Captain Cook area and had a hearty and delicious Portegeese Bean Soup, which was just perfect for a wintry day.

I have to admit that, although I have enjoyed this cloudy, rainy, wintry day, I would not want to return to living somewhere where I had a steady diet of it. Even after one day in the clouds and darkness, I start to get this heavy, almost ominous feeling. The desire to hibernate hits and I am once again reminded why I’ve chosen to live in a place that normally has winters that feel like other places spring. Winters on the mainland used to really bring me down and here in Hawaii, it is my absolute favorite season of the year!